Kat and Matt | Harrington Farm Wedding

Nov 23

Happy Monday morning!  I am so happy to share a few pictures from Kat and Matt’s beautiful Harrington Farm wedding! They had a sunny, blustery day (I’m pretty sure I saw snowflakes) but the warmth and love that surrounded these two kept us all smiling and happy. The details were so lovely, starting with Kat’s gorgeous dress and Kate Spade shoes and clutch (!), to the gorgeous flowers by Jeff French and the phenomenal dessert table.  Kat was the most gorgeous bride and such a trooper in the freezing cold air.  Matt was right there warming up her hands and taking care of her and those are the moments when you know these two have a love that will last.  It is always an honor to witness the marriage of two loving souls and this one was very special.  Congratulations to a very sweet, wonderful couple!

kate preftakes0001

kate preftakes0002

kate preftakes0003

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