Family Time Family This Memorial Day we decided to ignore the mounting list of house projects and give our weekend entirely to family time.  It's rare that I have a whole weekend free in the summer and we decided to use... READ MORE Ellen & Robb ~ Married! | Cape Cod Wedding Weddings This wedding had me at the dress.  And the dress had me at the back.  You'll see what I mean. Ellen and Robb were married at the Wequassett Inn on Cape Cod on a lovely day in May.  It was especiall... READ MORE Cape Cod Wedding | Sneak Peek Weddings Get ready for some Cape Cod goodness today!  Here's a sneak peek at Ellen and Robb's incredible wedding at the Wequassett Inn. Lots more to come!!  Enjoy. LOVE these!!!! ... READ MORE Curve Balls and Surprises Family I was going to write about how life throws you curve balls.  Big, scary curve balls that you don't know how on earth you're going to hit.  I was going to write about how they are frightening.  I was g... READ MORE Fleeting Children's portraits Of all the spring portraits I've been taking recently this is by far my favorite.  It represents everything to me about childhood. It's innocent, beautiful, soft, and ...... fleeting. Enjoy ... READ MORE It’s a Small World Family We stood in line waiting for the "It's a Small World" ride.  The music and lyrics worming their way into our heads.  My boys were holding my hands.  They each needed to pee...badly.  They were in comp... READ MORE April Vacation | Part One Family It's April vacation week here and I've been super busy keeping the boys occupied!  I decided to document our vacation and here's what I have so far.  This is a small part of each day and, man, now I k... READ MORE