Anticipation Family For weeks now I've had the little card picked out.   It's been sitting on my desk and I've been looking at it's blank whiteness.  I've been imagining what it would be like to read either word on that ... READ MORE Boys of Summer Children's portraits I looked at my three boys and thought about how fast they were growing.  It seems that every day they look different.  I tell them to "stop growing" and they laugh at me.   I threaten to stop feeding ... READ MORE Birthdays are hard Family Today my beautiful first born son will turn seven years old.  I don't know how that can even be possible and then again, I can barely remember life without him. Asa, please don't ever stop jumping ... READ MORE The Little Things Family There are little things in the world of parenting that make you crazy and melt your heart all at the same time.   For me, it's watching my boys back up, get a running start, and jump as hard as they c... READ MORE Family Time Family This Memorial Day we decided to ignore the mounting list of house projects and give our weekend entirely to family time.  It's rare that I have a whole weekend free in the summer and we decided to use... READ MORE Ellen & Robb ~ Married! | Cape Cod Wedding Weddings This wedding had me at the dress.  And the dress had me at the back.  You'll see what I mean. Ellen and Robb were married at the Wequassett Inn on Cape Cod on a lovely day in May.  It was especiall... READ MORE Cape Cod Wedding | Sneak Peek Weddings Get ready for some Cape Cod goodness today!  Here's a sneak peek at Ellen and Robb's incredible wedding at the Wequassett Inn. Lots more to come!!  Enjoy. LOVE these!!!! ... READ MORE