Baby Landon | Newborn Photos

Mar 14

I just couldn’t wait to share these pictures of my newest little friend.  Baby Landon is 15 days old but since he was 10 pounds (YIKES) when he was born he’s a plump little dream now!!  He was so good for us during his session and once his Mom got him to sleep he kinda let us do anything with him.

This is one of my favorites.

Like I said, he let us do anything with him!  I heart that about Landon.

I’m not sure I can even describe how much I love this next picture.  It has everything I love about portrait  photography in it.  Real expressions, a moment in time and an overflow of  emotion.

I had such a nice time with this wonderful family and can’t wait to watch Landon grow over the next year.  Enjoy your slideshow!

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