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It is already nearly the end of December, the end of the year!!  Life is busy and full as usual.  There are times when I find myself not wishing, but wondering what it will be like when the kids are older and coming and going on their own.  The idea of a cleaner, more organized house sounds wonderful; but the thought of a quiet house terrifies me.  It is in the quiet times that we are able to see more clearly what we have, and what we will some day be without.

I have really enjoyed this monthly project with the kids.  It is amazing and fun to look back at them over the year and see how much their faces have changed. They have grown in so many other ways too, from their language to their everyday skills.  Each of them so different in their own way. I am looking forward to this next year and all the adventures it has in store for our family.

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nh photographer

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nh children's photographer

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!



Seven flights and nearly 20 hours of travel.  I feel as though I should have ended up in an exotic country.  Where I did eventually arrive was  even better.  I spent a few days in Bozeman, Montana with my parents and most of my siblings.  We gathered to this beautiful place to see my youngest brother graduate from Montana State University.  It was a quick trip, filled with pride, a little sightseeing, and lots of laughter.

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Yellowstone National Park while we were there.  It was a short, cold trip, but well worth it and I have to share a few of the snapshots from the day.  The park is dreamlike in the winter with the combination of  steam and snow.  Being completely void of other tourists makes it wonderful and strange.  After much coercing I took a dip in the boiling river with my brothers.  You have to trek through the snow about a half a mile to get to the spot where the boiling water meets the freezing cold river.  Getting into your bathing suit in the snow is a feat in itself, as is picking your way over the slippery rocks to find the perfect, natural, outdoor hot tub.   The Pabst Blue Ribbon in a can topped off the entire experience!
























Both of my younger brothers have attended MSU.  Cori is heading out to Seattle for a new career and Collin will continue with his PHD program at the University.  I am so excited for both of them but sad to see them separated.  They are fortunate to have had this time there together.

As with most ceremonies, this one was full of charged energy.  Parents swelling with pride and students full of excitement and relief.  There was a beautiful Native American drum circle performance and at the end balloons fell on all of the graduates.  It was touching and a little unbelievable to see my baby brother graduating.  I’m sure this is just a glimpse into the future of how I will feel watching my own children reach these milestones in life.




Congratulations to Cori!  I know that your next adventure will be incredible.  I would go to the ends of the earth to be with you, and our family, on such a special occasion.


Beatrix Turns Two

Our little Beatrix turned two on Friday.   This time of year is always very emotional, and wonderful, as several events converge.  Thanksgiving, Bea’s birthday and my birthday are all within days of each other.  I find myself feeling overwhelmingly grateful for the life that I have; amazed (and a little sad) that my daughter is another year older, and slipping from babyhood;  and wondering where another year went and how I got to be the age I am.

It’s hard to describe our little Bea and the joy that she brings to our family.  Each of our children has a unique and wonderful personality and together they all complete this crazy, beautiful patchwork family.  When one of our kids is gone for the day we all feel the emptiness and realize how much that one person contributes (both good and difficult) to the whole.

Bea is our comic relief.  She is a little ray of light that shines throughout the day and we all soak up her sweetness.  The boys are constantly kissing her and coaxing her to come play with them. She is fearsome and will go to great lengths to keep up with her brothers.  Determined to not be left behind she is often heard saying “how about Bea?” or “my turn”!  She is wildly independent and has to do everything herself.  That can get old when you’re running late and standing in the rain while waiting for her to get into the car and car seat all by herself.  She can wield a light saber with the best of them and we’re pretty sure she’ll be a full Jedi by the time she is four.  She’s a bit obsessed with One Direction and Katy Perry but we’re working on that.   She already shows so much compassion towards others and loves animals so much that I feel guilty for being without pets right now.  She loves to help tuck the boys in every night and makes several visits back in to give them kisses which they all fight for.  She is our little Bea and we all savor her innocence and beauty.

“If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you’ve ever made me smile,

the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.” ~unknown










Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!  We love you!