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Abby & Hamish | Married | Scotland Part One

Abby and Hamish were married on a beautiful blustery day in Troon, Scotland.  My Mom and I were so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel there and photograph their lovely wedding weekend!   Besides spending time with the wedding guests and photographing the various activities; we had a day to drive around and see some beautiful sites in Western Scotland.  Castles, ocean vistas, and the Highland Games were just a few special memories from our trip.

Abby and her son Henry lived on Cape Cod and Hamish lived in Boston. They spend a lot of time traveling together and have vacationed in the UK, Colombia, The Dominican Republic, The Berkshires and The Adirondacks.  They decided to have their wedding in Troon, Scotland where Hamish grew up.  His very special Mum still resides in this quaint little town.  Abby, Hamish and Henry are now moving to England together.

Abby is an interior designer and her gorgeous sense of style comes through in every wee detail of their day.  I love that she incorporates antiques into her wedding.  Her earrings were picked up at the Brimfield flea market as well as most of her 1950’s white planters  and vintage bird paintings which were used as the table settings.

It’s hard to describe the love and support from the family and friends at this wedding. From Hamish’s wonderful Mum all the way down to “Wee Simon” there was such a beautiful sense of happiness and warmth.  Everyone was thrilled to be there to celebrate. Henry, who is a wonderful old soul, was possibly the happiest of all.  He had a smile on his face the entire weekend and looked positively dapper in his kilt.

There were just too many beautiful pictures from this wedding so I had to break it up into two posts. Here is part one:

Scotland wedding0001

Scotland wedding0002

Scotland wedding0003

Scotland wedding0004

Scotland wedding0005

Scotland wedding0006

Scotland wedding0007

Scotland wedding0008

Scotland wedding0009

Scotland wedding0010

Scotland wedding0011

Scotland wedding0012

Scotland wedding0013

Scotland wedding0014

Scotland wedding0015

Scotland wedding0016

Scotland wedding0017

Scotland wedding0018

Scotland wedding0019

Scotland wedding0020

Scotland wedding0021

Scotland wedding0022

Scotland wedding0023

Scotland wedding0024

Scotland wedding0025

Scotland wedding0026

Scotland wedding0027

Scotland wedding0028

Scotland wedding0029

Scotland wedding0030

Scotland wedding0031

Scotland wedding0032

Scotland wedding0033

Scotland wedding0034

Scotland wedding0035

Scotland wedding0036

Scotland wedding0037

Scotland wedding0038

Scotland wedding0039

Scotland wedding0040

Scotland wedding0041

Scotland wedding0042

Scotland wedding0043

Scotland wedding0044

Scotland wedding0045

Scotland wedding0046

Stay tuned for part two of this gorgeous fun wedding!


First Days

It’s that time of year again.  The time when all of us mothers  take pictures of our kids with their backpacks and shiny bright faces and send them off to their first day of school.  There are a lot tears on this day.  Sometimes  from children but mostly from moms.  First days of school are a lot like birthdays in that they force you to look at your child and really see how much they’ve matured.  You can’t escape the fact that they’re growing up whether you like it or not.  It makes me uncomfortable.  I am excited for my kids but really just want to get back into the regular routine so I can not think about how fast they are growing each and every day.

This year Asa is a fourth grader.  A FOURTH grader.  What the?  Last year I said the same thing about third grade and look where we are.  Next year will be his last year in elementary school.  It just can’t be possible.

Finley is now in the second grade.  That’s not quite as traumatic for me because Asa has already paved the way.  It’s still hard to believe.  I am truly amazed to watch him sit and read a book.  Truly.  And by the way, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the awesome teachers out there who take the time to teach and look after our k ids every day!  Hurray for you!!

Atticus has one more year left of preschool which he lovingly calls “farm school”.  I love that.  His school is indeed located in a house on a farm, but it sounds like we are sending him off to learn to be a farmer, which is just perfect for him. He’s always been a farm boy.  He is a bigger kid than before.  He refuses to be left behind by his brothers and works his little heart out trying to keep up.  He usually succeeds.

Bea is thankfully not old enough for school yet but still growing at light speed.  I’m amazed at how much she changes and grows from month to month.  For now I will savor that fact that she is still home with me and enjoy my one on one time with her while the boys are at school.


Kate Preftakes Photography


Kate Preftakes Photography

May you have the happiest of first days.  We’ll miss you today!




Fading Summer

Summer is fading but not lost.

Kate Preftakes Photography

I will hold on to it’s warmth for as long as possible.


4 Times 12 | August

Can it really be that summer is already winding down?



Kate Preftakes Photography


This is a continuation of my year long project.  Click here to read the initial post about what I’m doing.  I take lots of pictures of my kids but have posting just one of each of them every month.  Even I’m amazed at their changes and growth over time!  I hope you’re having a wonderful summer!!


Abby & Brandon | Married | Cobb Hill Estate

Abby and Brandon were married on an incredible New Hampshire summer day. Their mountain top wedding was held at the Cobb Hill Estate in Harrisville, NH where you feel like you are on top of the world. Coming from Leadville, CO where they live, they are used to being outdoors,  hiking and biking together. They were the most wonderful couple to work with!  Their laid back personalities and true joyfullness came through in all of their pictures.  It was truly a fantastic day!

All of the vendors for this wedding were handpicked by the couple and Abby’s mom! The cake was made by a family friend, Mollie Stone, of Mollie Cakes, who is quite  an institution in Savannah GA.  She made Paula Deen’s wedding cake!  This beautiful cake was made in Savannah and brought to NH for the wedding!  I’m not sure what amazes me the most, the fact that it came all the way from Savannah or the fact that it survived the mile long dirt driveway to get to Cobb Hill! The invitations were handmade by Birch and Bliss and the flowers were done by In The Company of Flowers in Keene, NH. Abby wore a gorgeous dress from BHLDN  which I absolutely love! The meal was all vegetarian and served by the fabulous local Sunflowers Catering in Jaffrey, NH.  And the party was on with the Peter Miles band!!

I loved every minute and every detail of Abby and Brandon’s wedding.  It was so full of love and happiness from everyone who was there, just as a wedding should be.

cobb hill0001

cobb hill0002

cobb hill0003

cobb hill0004

cobb hill0005

cobb hill0006

cobb hill0007

cobb hill0008

cobb hill0009

cobb hill0010

cobb hill0011

cobb hill0012

cobb hill0013

cobb hill0014

cobb hill0015

cobb hill0016

cobb hill0017

cobb hill0018

cobb hill0019

cobb hill0020

cobb hill0021

cobb hill0022

cobb hill0023

cobb hill0024

cobb hill0025

cobb hill0026

cobb hill0027

cobb hill0028

cobb hill0029

cobb hill0030

cobb hill0031

cobb hill0032

cobb hill0033

cobb hill0034

cobb hill0035

cobb hill0036

cobb hill0037

cobb hill0038

cobb hill0039

cobb hill0040

cobb hill0041

cobb hill0042

cobb hill0043

cobb hill0044

cobb hill0045

cobb hill0046

cobb hill0047

cobb hill0048

cobb hill0049

cobb hill0050

cobb hill0051

cobb hill0052

cobb hill0053

cobb hill0054