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Elizabeth & Nathaniel | Married | Mountain View Grand

Happy Monday everyone!  I am thrilled to be sharing my brand new website and blog today!  It’s been many months in the making and now it’s finally here!

I can’t think of a better first post than Ellie and Nat’s gorgeous wedding at the Mountain View Grand Resort in Whitefield, NH.  Ellie and Nat met at a Halloween Party and the rest is history.  They are so perfect for each other and their wedding was brimming with fun and love.

NH wedding photographers0001

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NH wedding photographers0036

This was the most beautiful, touching mother-son dance I have ever seen.

NH wedding photographers0037

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Congratulations to a wonderful couple!  It was an honor to be a part of your glorious day!


The Golden Years | NH Children’s Photographer

I know that “The Golden Years” usually refers to the years after retirement but I think it should refer to this time in people’s lives.  The time when your children are young but independent.  When they want to be together as a family.  When they are most safe. And when just taking a walk together on a summer evening is all you need.

Happy Summer!


P.S.  How awesome is it that she carries a pocketbook with a pony in it?!  I think I’m going to start doing that too!

4 Times 12 | July

July has been full.  We’ve been swimming, visiting with family, playing, growing, working and enjoying the summer.  There is so much going on around here and I’m worried that once again the summer is slipping away.  There are so many things we want to do and never enough time to do them!  I feel that in the past month all of my kids have grown a tremendous amount.  Not just physically but developmentally.  Asa has an intense interest in Pokemon cards and for the first time ever is wanting to spend time with friends rather than being home.  I know this sounds silly (to anyone with older children) but it’s strange for me to see him on the phone and having a life of his own outside of our family.  Finley is branching out and discovering a little more of his own self as Asa isn’t always available to him.  Atticus is still our happy little farm boy but growing rapidly. His unique personality is emerging.  All of our boys are so different in many ways and I love seeing the person that is  Atticus.  He is not a toddler anymore and the nuances that make him special are becoming more clear with each day.  Bea has started talking like crazy! In just a couple of weeks time she has gone from one and two syllable words to attempting entire phrases.  It’s hilarious to watch her try to repeat things and we are all enjoying her progress! Her new favorite book is “Goodnight Moon” which she read with her Aunt Nancy over and over again. She continues to keep up with the boys and make us all laugh every day.

And one more of all of them because it is so cute!


Little Miss Megan | NH Baby Photographer

At just four and a half months old Little Miss Megan is a shining star!  She is happy, expressive and adorable. And seriously, look at those gorgeous eyes!!  She also happens to have two  wonderful parents. I photographed Scott and Alexis’ wedding in 2011 and so enjoyed seeing them again, this time as parents. I love this sweet family!


Jane & David | Married | Wellfleet, Cape Cod

This is a beautiful love story.  Not just a love story between Jane and David, but between their friends, family and pretty much everyone (including us) who cross their path.

Jane and David were married on Cape Cod in the little town of Wellfleet.    It was a cloudy weekend with threats of rain but that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.  From the rehearsal dinner where our groom cooked gumbo for all 150 guests, to the last dance at the wedding, the genuine and overwhelming feeling of love was infinite.  The speeches and toasts were endless and everyone had variations of the same theme.  It seems that each person who has known this couple in some way has had their lives enriched for the better.  Everyone has been welcomed into their world with open arms and treated with kindness.  David is an architect and Jane is a human rights researcher and they live in Brooklyn, NY.

This year I’ve been better about asking my couples to say a little something about themselves before the wedding.  I am looking forward to sharing their stories here on the blog with you!  This is what the radiant couple had to say about themselves in their own words:

“We’re both passionate about people’s interactions with each other and their communities at large; we like running together; Dave likes cooking inventive meals for Jane who likes eating them; we love travel and exploring together; basically our favorite hobby is chatting.”

Here is how they met and fell in love: “We were each being offered in a silent auction for an environmental non-profit…Jane to share some of her experience with human rights and environment advocacy and Dave to consult on your home or office’s energy efficiency.  We were introduced to each other and stopped talking to anyone else at the party.  We ended up successfully bidding on each other, thereby securing at least 2 dates .  We both knew it was big right away and first kissed under the Brooklyn Bridge after a classical music concert in DUMBO, Brooklyn, 2 days after we met.”    Sigh.

And lastly, here are some details about their wedding:  ” We’re very excited to get married on cape cod which has been a very significant place for Jane’s family since childhood.  David is cooking the food for the rehearsal dinner (with help form friends and family) which reflects a special part of our relationship.  We’re excited about our wedding day but most excited that we get to keep doing what we’re doing for the rest of our lives.” 

I feel  incredibly honored to have been present for Jane and Dave’s fabulous wedding weekend!  From their “under the sea” themed tent to their hand drawn invitations, every bit of this wedding is fun and beautiful.  Here are just a few of my favorites from the wedding day.

This was an amazing little detail.

During the ceremony all these fiddler crabs climbed up on the wall to watch them get married. My mom got this shot of them.

Married!!  They had the best recessional song ever!  New Morning by Bob Dylan was sung by a family member.  Love.

Jane and David got engaged on this bridge!