April 2013 Archive

Family | NH Children’s Photographer

There’s nothing better than family.  Grandparents, sisters, mothers.  It’s what life is all about.

This was another shoot I did for the Monadnock Community Hospital. They wanted pictures of a grandfather and his granddaughter together.  They were all so sweet.


Breathe | NH Newborn Photographer

This week is April vacation and I’ve been enjoying spending time with my kids.  We are about to go on a little adventure but I wanted to post this beautiful image before I leave.  It’s such a tender moment with a mom and her brand new baby and reminds me of how much time I spent snuggling and staring at my new babies.  Asa is already up to my chin and all the kids are growing so fast but I’m sure that even when I am old and senile I will still remember what it was like to hold them all and breathe in their beautiful baby scent.


4 Times 12 | April

It’s finally starting to feel like spring around here and even though there is frost in the mornings, our yard is already littered with summer toys.  The kids love getting out all their outdoor gear after a long winter and it’s nice to have our yard back to ride bikes, play basketball, and dig in the dirt. We’re looking forward to a fun April vacation this week.  Happy Spring!!


Spring | NH Children’s Photographer

This adorable little guy is 11 months old.  I had a quick little session with him last week and loved hanging out with his family.  He has the most beautiful red hair and sweet expressive eyes.  It was a chilly spring day but that didn’t stop him from enjoying the trees and blossoms.


Identically Different | NH Children’s Photographer

One of my favorite things to do is spend time with families in their homes and neighborhoods.  I believe that photos from sessions like these will withstand the test of time because it is a documentation of real life.  These children will have  memories of their childhood exactly like these images.  Walking to the park with Mom and Dad, playing at the playground and fooling around together in their bedroom.

I photographed these adorable twin boys a while back when they were just 20 months old.  You can see that post here.  My how they’ve grown and changed!  Their personalities really stand out now and it’s amazing to watch these identical little beings exist together in very different ways.  They were an absolute delight and I didn’t want to leave!

My favorite!