March 2013 Archive

Atticus Turns Four | NH Children’s Photographer

Spring is the beginning of birthday season around here.  It’s exciting, and as every parent knows, bittersweet.  Today our littlest guy will turn four years old. I’m amazed at how he’s changed in the past year and glad that he’s still the same.  He’s moved from toddler-hood to being a real kid.  One of the boys.  He still remains an avid tractor junkie but is branching out and embracing dinosaurs and super heroes.  He wanted a super hero party this year but it had to involve tractors as well. Hmmm, make that one work!

Atticus is a little blonde ball of  energy.  He sometimes chooses to somersault his way to places rather than walk.  He can be intense and laid back all at the same time.  His angelic face and adorable sense of humor get him far around here.  He can be one of “the boys” or one of  “the babies” depending on what’s happening.  He loves to be working, whether it be using his tools to fix things or using his tractor to haul things around.  He has an immense sense of humor and keeps me laughing most of the day.  He has a secure sense of self and other children are naturally drawn to him.   He is a friend to everyone and can make even the shyest of children feel comfortable.

He is, in many ways, my little super hero.

Happy Birthday Bud!  Here’s to the another year of growth and fun.  May your heart stay light and your imagination stay open.  And here’s to protecting us all from the bad guys!



Sneak Peek | NH Newborn Photographer

Here’s a little sneak peek from a newborn session I did yesterday.  Beautiful baby. Beautiful family.

More to come soon!


4 Times 12 | March

Here we are closing in on the end of March and it’s time to post my personal project photos of the kids.  I really love doing this every month but it is not easy to choose just one or two images of each child!  These images were taken on one of the snow days we had.  We are all so ready for spring around here!

So tell me, if you had to choose one picture of your child for the month of March what would it be?



Inkprint Letterpress | NH Wedding Photographer

Letterpress makes me weak in the knees.  In a good way.  Not like snakes which also make me weak in the knees but in the worst possible way.  I love letterpress.  I think what I love most about it is that you can feel the artist’s touch in each piece.  It is a perfect blend of elegance and craftiness.

This week I had the chance to work with Sara Tejada of Inkprint Letterpress.  We collaborated on a shoot last summer and decided to get together to do some portfolio pictures for her.  Sara is super sweet and fun to be with. Her work is gorgeous and I highly recommend contacting her if you are looking for some beautiful letterpress invitations, announcements or cards of any kind.  She’ll work with you to create a gorgeous design.  I am so excited to have some new letterpress business cards made but know it will be hard to part with each and every one of them!

Here are a few photos from our session:

And here’s the adorable Sara at our shoot.


Fifteen Months | NH Baby Photographer

Our little Beatrix is 15 months old!  She is a little ball of fire and personality!

Lovingly known around here as; “Queen Bea”, “Baby Bea”, “Trixie”, “Beatrix-Marie-a-Trix”, “Sweet Bea”,  and “Busy Bea”.

Who knew this name would offer so many great nickname opportunities!  They all seem to fit her perfectly.

She is a happy, dancing, curious, sweet,  active little bundle.  She makes us all smile everyday and when you can get her to sit still for a second she is the sweetest little cuddler.  We love you Little Bea!