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Fourteen Months | NH Baby Photographer

We are fast approaching the 15 month mark with Beatrix and I wanted to show a few 14 month pictures before we got there.  Bea is in such a fun phase now where she is so interested in animals and books.  I love watching her play. I have to admit that sitting on the couch for for 20 minutes (5 times a day) making animal sounds can get a little tedious.  It’s so worth it though to watch her repeat the noises and see the wheels turning in her head as she learns new information.

Here she is playing in her room.  We have this incredible barn that my dad built for the boys years ago and she has so much fun picking the animals out of it.  She turns them over in her little hands, drops them on the floor and finds another one.   For the boys, it was all about the tractors.  For Bea, it’s all about the animals.  One of the many fun little differences in them.

On a side note, she is not in a “timeout”!  She loves her little chair and sits here all the time!


Happy Valentine’s Day | NH Children’s Photographer

Valentine’s day always gets a sluggish start around here.  My boys aren’t thrilled about the holiday and getting them in the spirit takes some effort.  I decorate the house, hang hearts everywhere and try to get them inspired to make cards for everyone they know but that doesn’t always take off.  As they get older I find myself with a large collection of people that we have to give cards to (at least 20 per kid!!) so that can be a bit daunting.  And I’ll just tell you, I’m not one of those pinterest moms that can whip up a batch of super cool, unique, memorable and extra charming valentines cards.  I have so much respect for people that can but it’s just not possible around here.

This year I had them choose a few special people for each of them to send cards to (besides their classmates) and when they came home from school one day I had the table covered with fun supplies (it was easy because I already had all the supplies from failed attempts at this in past years).  We ended up having a great time making cards and more importantly, talking about each person that they were thinking of and deciding what they would enjoy receiving.  I am proud of them for their efforts and for learning the lesson about Valentine’s Day. That it’s not about receiving fancy gifts.  It’s  about really thinking about someone you know or love.  It’s about making them smile and telling them that you love them.

So, to all of you who take the time to read my blog and comment.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and Happy Valentine’s Day!  If I could make you each a special card I would!



Featured | Ingrid & John | Style Me Pretty

OH EM GEE!!  Ingrid and John’s wedding is featured on Style Me Pretty today and I couldn’t be more excited! I have to admit that I’m a bit of a Style Me Pretty junkie so to have my work on there seriously rocks!!  To view it click here.

This was such a lovely wedding and I’m thrilled that more people get to view it!  To view my original post about their wedding click here.



4 Times 12 | February


Good Morning

As  long as I live I will never tire of waking up to this sweet face and these big blue eyes.