January 2013 Archive

Baby Beauty | NH Baby Photographer

Time for a little 5 month old wonder.  I can’t get enough of these baby rolls, baby toes and bright eyes!


2012 Wedding Favorites | NH Wedding Photographer

To all my wonderful couples from 2012, I loved being a part of your fabulous day!  You were all so beautiful and fantastic to work with.   Here’s to many happy years together!!!  Cheers!


4 Times 12 | January | Personal Project

This year I’ve been inspired to do a personal project about my family.  There are lots of amazing photographers out there participating in wonderful projects about documenting their children and their lives. This is one of my favorites : you are my wild

I love the idea of a monthly project and decided that for my project I would  take one portrait of each of my children each month.    My hope is that it will be a small record of their yearly change and our life this year.  I want these portraits to be completely real, as in, messy house, tired kids, and busy life kind of real.

I always love a good portrait, you know, with unstained shirts and beautiful backgrounds but as I find myself looking back through all our family pictures I realize that I am drawn most to the candid shots.  The ones that include the tantrums, the chaos and the reality of our life.  Because I know that I will miss those things the most and while there are days that I wish I could run away from the intensity of it all, I don’t want to forget any of it.

So here are my four in January.  Just being.

I would love for you to follow along with me as I attempt to keep up with this!  Can’t wait to share more.


Baby Bums and Bedhead | NH Baby Photographer

Sweet as can be.


Sweet Baby Colin | NH Newborn Photographer

Meet baby Colin.  Adorable, tiny, sweet, perfect and brand new. Even though he was almost 2 weeks old in these pictures he was born 3 weeks early so he was still so little and wonderfully small.  He melted my heart.

Sweet dreams little one. You have a wonderful life ahead of you with amazing parents.