September 2012 Archive

10 Months | NH Children’s Photographer

It’s that time again. Bea is another month older.  Seriously, how can she be 10 months old already?

She’s got two and a half teeth and I have the sleepless nights to prove it!  She pulls herself up on anything and everything and can stand for a few seconds at a time.  She probably could stand for longer but she claps for herself and that throws her off balance.  That truly makes my heart melt.  Here she is.  I just couldn’t resist a little tutu action before the weather gets too cold!


Rita & Geoff | Prescott Park Wedding

A first look under the trees, a walk around the piers, and a ceremony amongst the flowers.  It was the perfect day in Prescott Park for an almost impromptu wedding.  Rita and Geoff got engaged just a few weeks ago and decided to have their wedding in Portsmouth with their closest friends and family.  It made for an intimate, relaxed, lovely wedding.

Congratulations to one of the most laid back, fun couples I’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph!



Lovely | NH Children’s Photographer

Another lovely little session from late summer.


Goodbye Summer

It is that time of year again.  Time to break out the sweaters, pick some apples and say goodbye to summer.

This summer has been wonderful in it’s own way and I’m sad to see it go.

Goodbye camping.  We’ll miss the s’mores and the late night campfires.

Goodbye swimming.  We loved playing on the beach even though every two seconds I had to take sand out of Bea’s mouth.

Goodbye baseball.

Goodbye bike riding, swinging at the park, and picnics in our backyard.

Goodbye garden.

Goodbye country fairs, art camp, and lazy days at home.

Goodbye summer.

We’ll be ready for you next year.   We’ll all be a little older and perhaps a little wiser.



Owl Sisters | NH Children’s Photographer

Loving these adorable sisters in their costumes and out!  Hello beautiful blue eyes!