May 2012 Archive

Meet Carolyn and Mark | Engagement Session

Carolyn and Mark are getting married in September.  I cannot wait until their wedding!  They are the kind of couple that makes you happy.  Because they are the perfect fit.  You know you’re looking at love when you see these two together.




Don’t Be A Chicken | NH Portrait Photographer

Last week I had the fun opportunity to photograph Dr. Melissa Duston DDS and her staff at Stonewall Farm.  They’re doing a really cute campaign about “not being a chicken” and visiting your dentist so we photographed them with some sweet little chicks.  This group of ladies are as fun as they are beautiful!

Dr. Duston, you are gorgeous.  That is all.

Kirsten is a former bride of mine and she’s as funny as she is beautiful.  Love you girl!

If you live in the Keene area I highly recommend you give this office a call.  I mean, how scary can the dentist be with a face like that?


A Labor of Love | NH Children’s Photographer

When I was growing up my favorite day of the year (after Christmas) was “garden day”.  Garden day was the day that we all worked together to get our gardens planted for the summer.  I loved driving to the plant store with my Dad and buying all the vegetables and flowers.  I was always allowed to create my own garden and learned so much by doing that.

This spring my husband surprised me by building a new raised bed for our vegetables.   He really knows the way to my heart!   Everyone worked hard to create the new space and in May it was ready to plant.

It was truly a labor of love.

Rain boots, pajamas…whatever you can find to wear (or not)!

We finally got a warm sunny day in May and it was time to plant!!

(It was SO hot that we had the sprinkler on…you know, just to run through in between planting rows)

 Special thanks to my wonderful husband for working hard on this and teaching the kids about hard work and giving.


Cape Cod Wedding | Anniversary

Ellen and Robb were married one year ago at the Wequassett Inn on the Cape.  Their wedding was oh so beautiful and Ellen had a dress that stops you in your tracks.  To view their wedding post click here and here!

Happy Anniversary to you!  I hope you can always laugh and kiss on the beach!


Owl Barrettes and Blue Eyes | NH Baby Photographer

I don’t know how I’ve managed to have such beautiful nieces but I do.  Here is little Virelai at 7 months old.  She has a smile that lights up the town and her eyes are as blue as can be.  We love you little V!!

What I love:

wisps of hair

owl barrettes

two front teeth

chubby cheeks and legs

little toes

soft smiles and giant smiles