March 2012 Archive

Birthday Boy

Today is my youngest son’s third birthday.  Wow.  How can that be?  Years sure do slip by.

I’m not sure I’m ready for my baby boy to be three.  I kinda liked him at two.  Tantrums and all.  That’s the thing about kids and life.  Just when you think you got the hang of things they go and change on you.  They grow up and there’s nothing you can do to stop them.  You have no choice but to embrace the moment and keep the memories from the past.  And take pictures.  Lots of pictures.

Happy birthday to you Atticus!

My little blonde boy.

My tractor obsessed, blanky-toting, hilarious little sidekick.  You make our family so fun.

We love you and can’t wait to see what three brings.

SO much love,


Skylands Manor Wedding | Anniversary

To my second March wedding couple from 2011…Happy Anniversary!!

These two were married at the incredible Sylands Manor in NJ last March.  Their wedding was filled with so much love and they had a beautiful brisk spring day.

I remember photographing each of them separately before the ceremony, before they saw each other.  She said that she had won the lottery with him and he said that he was the luckiest guy on earth to have her.  Now that’s what this is all about.

You can see their first wedding post here and here.

Here’s to you two!  May you have many more happy years together!


Woodbound Inn Wedding | Anniversary

I want to take a moment this year to recognize the anniversaries of my 2011 couples.  It’s incredible how fast a year goes by and it’s exciting to say that you’ve been married for a whole 365 days.

Amy and Kevin were married at The Woodbound Inn and you can see their original blog post here and here.

So, to my first couple from 2011;

Happy Anniversary!!!


First Days Are Hard

This morning I packed up extra clothes, pulled some frozen milk out of the freezer and brought my baby girl to daycare.  It’s noon and I’m still crying.  I know that she is in good hands but leaving her was heartbreaking.  I’ve been through this before and I know that it will get easier but today it feels unbearable.

Maybe it’s the rain.  Maybe it’s the fact that everywhere I look I am reminded of her.  Maybe it’s that I’m not ready for this.

I bought myself some tulips as a reminder that spring is coming and things will get easier. I thought they would cheer me up.  But they’re not working.

They’re not working because THIS:

Is just no match for THIS:



Oh Baby!

Spring is in the air and it seems as if babies are popping up everywhere!  Maybe they’re just coming out of their winter hiding!

I’ve decided to host a very special baby mini session day on Sunday, March 25th.  This will be held at my studio in Peterborough and I will be taking appointments in the afternoon.  The session fee is just $65 and includes a 45 minute session with a variety of beautiful baby poses, an online proofing gallery and one free 5×7″ print.

These sessions are specifically for babies 0-12 months.  If you have older siblings you can bring them along and we can add them in to some of the shots.

Space is very limited so let me know as soon as possible if you would like a spot!

Looking forward to seeing you there!