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A Touch of Pink

I don’t typically photograph babies with props.  I tend to like more natural shots.  But I just couldn’t resist a little pink for Bea, she is girl after all!  I found this soft little flower headband and loved how delicate it is. The hat too, couldn’t resist that one either.  What can I say, I’ve been bit by the “girl” bug.

So here is my sweet little Bea at 9 days old.


Bringing Home Beatrix

This is the story of how our daughter became part of our family.  (On a side note, if you don’t like birth stories you can just skip down to the pretty wedding photos!)

Beatrix Marie was born on November 29th (fashionably late by 5 days).  While all the boys were born either right on time or early, and were born conveniently during the day, Beatrix’s birth was a little more dramatic.  I went into labor around 2am and we had to wake up all the kids plus my parents and head to the hospital.  We listened to Christmas music on the way and in between contractions I explained to Atticus that we were going to the hospital but that Noni and Papa would bring him back home to bed. He was excited to be out in the middle of the night and not happy when he wasn’t allowed to stay at the hospital with us.

It was a long labor (compared to my other quick births) but fortunately without complications.

Beatrix was born at 9:46am and we were delighted to see that she was indeed a girl!  There is absolutely nothing in this world that compares to the rush of having your child, your brand new baby, placed into your arms for the first time.  Such a short moment of your life yet powerful beyond words.  I remember holding each of my children for the first time and am pretty much reduced to tears just thinking about them.

Bea is perfect.  Ten fingers, ten toes and just enough fluffy hair to be respectable.  She looks like her brothers which makes me laugh.  She looks around in complete amazement and coos her soft sounds.  I can’t get enough of her.  I’m afraid that if I put her down she’ll grow and I don’t want that to happen yet.  I took a few pictures of her while we were in the hospital because I know in just a few days she’ll already have changed.

I spent our two days in the hospital holding her, smelling her glorious newborn smell, resting, and visiting with family.  The boys came to visit a couple of times bearing gifts and flowers. I think the second most wonderful memory with my children is seeing them meet their siblings for the first time.  At seeing Bea for the first time Finley said, “Mom, your body makes beautiful babies!”.  Well, thank you Finn, I couldn’t agree more!

On December 2nd, my 35th birthday, we brought Beatrix home. The boys were all in school and it was nice for Doug and I to have some quiet time with her and get settled into the house.  Here is what we came home to:

And here are the beautiful flowers and notes from the boys:

We have survived our first three nights and are balancing the transition of a new baby plus 3 kids.    They too are learning to adjust to this recent addition.  I’m not going to suggest that this is easy but the great thing about being seasoned parents is that you can take deep breaths and know from experience that this will not last forever.

My heart swells when I look at our four beautiful children.  It melts when I see them kiss her on the head and hold her in their arms.  I am tired and emotional (and feel like all I do is sit on the couch and nurse her) but I don’t want to miss one second of this time in our lives.  She will grow up no matter how much I wish to slow it down.  They will all keep growing.  Every. Single. Day.

I feel like there’s so much more to say.  Too few words to express this miracle.  I don’t think I do it justice.  But that’s ok,  this will have to do for now.  I have a baby to hold.

XOXO~Kate (and family)

P.S.  A very  special thanks to my Mom for taking care of the boys while we were having Bea and for documenting this incredible time in the hospital for us.  I can’t wait to have a friendship with my daughter and hope it’s as wonderful as what I have with you.  We love you Noni!

Featured | Ellen and Robb’s Cape Cod Wedding

Just brought the baby home yesterday (much more to come on that!!) but I didn’t want to miss this chance to show you the feature on Style Me Pretty Massachusetts yesterday!!  Ellen and Robb’s Cape Cod wedding was featured and it makes me so happy to see this wonderful couple on my favorite wedding blog!  Love you guys!