November 2011 Archive

Stuff I Love | Kids with Cameras

When my son Asa was three years old my parents bought him a camera for Christmas.  Not one of those “toy cameras” (which, in my opinion are a waste of money) but a real digital point and shoot.  We were a little skeptical that a 3 year old could work it but we showed him how and he caught on immediately.

I’ve been collecting his images over the years and decided to show a few of them.  He has taken that camera and documented our life, in his own way.  What I love most about his pictures is that they are NOT what I would choose to photograph.  Eh Hem, the messy table, the non-makeuped face, the dirty floor etc.  But what’s so wonderful is that they are real and they are through his eyes.

Here are some of his images and some of our messy life.  I have not altered or cropped any of these images.  The only part of myself in them is choosing the diptych formats and he stood here and helped me do it!

I thought this would be a good Thanksgiving post as it really is everything I’m thankful for.  My messy house, the beautiful blue sky,  my crazy kids and my wonderful husband.  Raw and real.

This Christmas, if you are trying to figure out what to get your child, I would strongly suggest a camera.  You never know what part of your lives you’ll see!


PS, this is probably my last post until the baby arrives!

Wrapping Up Fall

Fall is definitely my favorite time for pictures.  And it should be if you live in New England.  This fall I have kept my portrait sessions very limited due to my pregnancy.  I did a scattering of mini-sessions through September and October and I thought I’d share a few favorites from those sessions.  My apologies to everyone who I had to turn down.  Next year will I’ll be up and running again!

And here they are, a few favorites of some of the most beautiful children I have ever seen.

So long fall, I’ll look forward to your warm sunny days in 2012.


Waiting for baby

Our fourth baby is due on Thanksgiving this year.  That’s just 14 days away.  Yeah, just 14 days!  As with all things baby, there is a lot of excitement, anxiety and complete unknowns.

I’ve been laying pretty low recently, just wrapping things up from the fall and wedding season and basically just trying to prepare myself and my house for the arrival of our final family member.

Each person in our family is preparing themselves for her arrival in their own way.  Asa and Finley have been such a joy this pregnancy because they understand the concept and know what a new baby will be.  I have gotten so much enjoyment from seeing them feel the baby’s movements and sharing the development process with them.

Atticus refers to all things baby as “baby sister”.  Some days he asks where “baby sister” is and other days he proclaims that he “doesn’t want baby sister”.  I know he will love her but it will be quite a change for him.

My Mom and I snapped a few pictures of the boys with my belly this weekend.  Their hands are my favorite, especially because you can see the marker on Finley’s fingers.

I grabbed this one looking down at them all.

She will be here before we know it and for now we are just savoring the unknowns and dreaming about what it will be like to have another little one, a girl in our home!

I will be sure to keep you posted!