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Home Hill Inn Wedding

He is from Germany and she is from New Hampshire.  Their backgrounds could not be any different yet the connection between these two was incredible to witness.  They spend part of the year in Germany and part of the year in their gorgeous New Hampshire farmhouse.  They continued this dichotomy throughout their breathtaking wedding and half was in German and half was in English.

This lovely couple were married on a perfect day in September at the beautiful Home Hill Inn.  They were surrounded by love and guests from all over the world.  They served an incredible five course meal and the entire affair was enchanting.

These are absolutely my favorite ring pillows EVER!  I wanted to take the sweet little suckers home with me!

Congratulations to an incredible couple!


Rainy Day Fun

This is the time of year when we tend to get rain.  Lots of it.  I don’t mind completely because I know it helps bring out the color in the trees and sometimes it’s fun to feel cozy in your house or even to go out and get soaked and muddy.  But it can be tough when you have three boys stuck inside with a lot of energy.  I’m talking ten times the amount of energy that I have right now.  Some days I get a little panic stricken about what I’m going to do with them all afternoon.  Their age differences make it tough to sit down and play a game (Atticus wants to join in and he just messes up the Monopoly board) so we have to think of other things that they can all do together.

The other day on a rainy afternoon we decided to bake some cookies to pass the time.  Then I got down our bag of abandoned costumes from the attic.  Our mysterious attic where toys are rotated to keep me from going insane in this little house offers a plethora of entertainment possibilities.  We ended up having so much fun that dinner was delayed and Doug came home to a party.

Even Super Heroes have to eat!

Then someone suggested listening to “Black Betty” (honestly, I don’t know where they get this stuff from 😉 )  and the party continued!

What started out as a boring afternoon and what could have become a painful series of  “go find something to do” became more fun than we ever expected.  My cheeks hurt from laughing and the boys went to bed tired and happy.

Now, what to do today….

Fall is in the air

It’s starting to feel like fall around here.  Colors are popping on the trees, nights are getting cooler and I’m having the very intense urge to bake pumpkin bread.  Lots of it.

Fall is by far my favorite time of year for portraits.  What could be better than hay bales, pumpkins, and high soft grass.  This year I’ve had to limit my portrait sessions due to my pregnancy.  This is one of my first sessions this fall and I just love it.

The Old Lantern Wedding | Lindsie & Shawn

The sun was shining, the air was crisp, and it was an all around gorgeous Vermont day.  Lindsie and Shawn were married at The Old Lantern in Charlotte, VT.  Lindsie’s style and fun personality showed through in all the spectacular details, from the cowboy boots to the birch tree wedding cake.

Havin’ a little fun in her aunt’s bathtub before the ceremony!

Lindsie you are gorgeous!

vermont wedding photographer

First Dance!

Lindsie and Shawn have an adorable son.  He had a ball at the wedding.

Congratulations to a sweet family!


Vermont Country Wedding | Sneak Peek!

Couldn’t wait to share a few photos from last weeks’ Vermont wedding with you! It was oozing with goodness from cowboy boots to covered bridges.  More to come soon!

Have a great weekend!