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Grand View Inn Wedding | Roberta & Richard

Good Morning!  I am on vacation with my family this week but couldn’t wait to post a few images from this wedding!

Roberta and Richard had an incredible day for a wedding and were married in Jaffrey, NH.  Roberta is from Italy and has the most beautiful accent–to go with her beautiful smile.  Her mother (who flew in from Italy along with many other of Roberta’s family members) made her dress for her.  It was incredible.

I loved this shot of her Mom helping her with her veil.

Roberta is absolutely stunning!

And Richard could be a GQ model.

Roberta and Richard have a beautiful little girl named Mia who was such a wonderful part of the wedding.  I couldn’t resist this shot of her and her Mom’s shoes!

And here are my favorite shots from the day.  I had about 3 minutes to grab a few shots of Roberta by herself before we left for the ceremony and it was super hot and sunny out.  I found this little nook at the inn and could have spent an hour photographing her there.  The white rustic bricks and soft light were so beautiful and were the perfect background for this unbelievable bride!

Then it was time to get married!

After the ceremony I got a few minutes with the three of them for some pictures.

The light was so pretty we just had to go out and get a few more portraits.

Congratulations to a wonderful couple and a beautiful family!


July mini sessions

Here are a few portraits from the July mini-sessions I did last week.  All these families are so wonderful and we had a great day.  More to come!


New Jersey Engagement Session

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with Venessa and Mike for an engagement session in New Jersey.  We had such a fun time and they showed me all around Spring Lake.  They’re getting married in Mexico next year–LUCKY!!

Venessa, you are gorgeous!

After we walked around the park for a bit we grabbed a beer and waited for the sun to go down.  Then it was time to hit the beach!  The light was incredible and the evening couldn’t have been more perfect!

It turns out that Venessa is a dancer so we had to have a little fun with that!

I loved meeting you both!  Have a wonderful wedding!


Unexpected Gifts

Wednesday was a day of unexpected gifts.  It was the day I had scheduled for my July mini-sessions and I had a packed schedule.  There wasn’t much room for error in terms of timing and I really hoped the weather would cooperate as I love to do these sessions outside.  All week it had been sunny.  All morning it had been sunny.  But, just as my first session was about to start the sky got dark and the wind started to blow.  The radar showed green rain blobs (yes, I’m sure that’s a technical term) all around Peterborough and I thought we were done for.  I quickly set up in my studio for a backup plan but I was willing the storms to steer clear.

I made it through my few sessions with out a drop.  Made it through the next few.  People kept calling me and telling me that there was rain everywhere in the area.  I just kept going.  I practically dared the rain to come.

During my sessions I had a couple of wonderful surprises.  Two of my super sweet, very generous clients (who I’d rather call friends) brought me little gifts for the news of my baby girl.  I can’t tell you how big the smile on my face is even now, just thinking about their kindness.  It’s these little gestures in life that keep you going.

A beautiful pink bouquet from Hannah!

My first pair of baby girl shoes from Jenny!!  I just love this brand See Kai Run.

I managed to make it through my very last scheduled appointment without any rain in the field.  The sky was dark but never hit exactly where we were.  I literally said goodbye to my last family and the sky opened up and it poured.  I stood in the rain for a minute (what the hell, my hair was a disaster anyway by then) and thanked the heavens for all my good fortune.

I went back, packed up the studio, ordered some takeout food for dinner, and as I was driving home I saw this rainbow.  It was one last gift of the day and I couldn’t be more grateful.  My heart swelled with happiness and gratitude (ok, maybe I was a little delirious from exhaustion) but that’s ok.  The effect was the same.

Thank you to everyone who brought their beautiful families to me for pictures this week.  Thank you to my wonderful friends for their excitement about my baby surprise.  And thank you to Hannah and Jenny for their crazy generous gifts!  I love you all!!

XOXO ~ Kate


For weeks now I’ve had the little card picked out.   It’s been sitting on my desk and I’ve been looking at it’s blank whiteness.  I’ve been imagining what it would be like to read either word on that card.  Boy.  Girl.  It was too hard to imagine either one so I’d clear my head and get back to work.  Then I’d find my eyes drifting over to it again.

Doug and I have chosen different routes with our kids in terms of finding out their gender prior to birth.  With Asa we just didn’t know until he was born and that was really fun.  Then, with the next two boys we just had them tell us right there in that tiny little room.  It was a little claustrophobic for me.   My head was reeling from the thought of the baby’s forming brain and pumping heart, and I was holding my breath that she would say that everything was ok.   There is nothing like seeing those little hands and feet swimming inside you.  There is no feeling like the worry you feel for your child, even before it is born.  Please be ok.  Please be healthy.

This time we decided to have the ultrasound technician write down our news on my little card and not tell us there.  I wanted to leave the room thinking of nothing but the health of my baby and I wanted us to have the space we needed to absorb the news.  Outside.  Alone.  Just the two of us.

The day of our ultrasound came too fast.  I wasn’t quite ready to know.  Part of me really wanted another boy.  I think four boys would be so incredibly fun.  It’s hard to imagine our house with anything but boys in it.  It’s just who we are as a family.  Then there’s the part of me that, admittedly, has always wanted a daughter.  I wanted to experience that difference.  I wanted my boys to know what it’s like to have a sister.  I wanted to have the same  relationship with a daughter that I have with my mother.

The funny thing about pregnancy is that in addition to all the other physical changes you are going through, you are also highly emotional.  Sometimes it’s not a good combination.  I cried on the way to the doctor’s.  I cried out of worry for my baby.  I cried for the  excitement of whatever we were told.  I cried for the loss of whatever we were not going to get this time.  I cried because I’ve been so incredibly blessed already with my three beautiful boys.

During the ultrasound we held hands.  We squeezed hands when we saw the baby flip over completely.  She said that it wouldn’t sit still for her picture.  Of course it wouldn’t.  None of my kids do.  Doug mouthed the word “boy” to me and we both smiled.

We left the hospital with our sealed envelope in hand.  We were ecstatic that the news was all good.  Everything looked great.  The baby was growing perfectly.  We are so fortunate and we do not take that lightly.

We sat in the park and looked out at the water.  I handed the envelope to Doug and said “you first”.  I looked away.  I couldn’t do it.   He was quiet and I snuck a peek at his face.  His mouth was open.  He handed the card to me and here is what it said: