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Cape Cod Wedding | Sneak Peek

Get ready for some Cape Cod goodness today!  Here’s a sneak peek at Ellen and Robb’s incredible wedding at the Wequassett Inn.

Lots more to come!!  Enjoy.

LOVE these!!!!



Meet Kelley & Corey | Engagement Session

I am SO glad the world didn’t end on Saturday because I’ve been excited to share these beautiful engagement pictures with you!  Kelley and Corey are getting married in June and I am the lucky photographer who gets to be there on their wedding day.  These two are so fun to be around and I just know their wedding is going to be fabulous.

A little urban feel..

I love this next set.  Kelley is a rock star for wearing those shoes in a field!  Not to mention putting up with the ridiculous amount of bugs that day.  I know this is New England but come on, do we have to get eaten alive just to be outside?!

These guys aren’t just cute they’re fun too!

Kelley you are gorgeous!

Corey has a great “Tom Cruise” kinda smile–especially when he’s looking at his bride.

This next set feels epic to me.

I can’t wait for your wedding!!  I love you guys!



Curve Balls and Surprises

I was going to write about how life throws you curve balls.  Big, scary curve balls that you don’t know how on earth you’re going to hit.  I was going to write about how they are frightening.  I was going to write about how we got one thrown at us.

But, I decided all that sounded negative for something that’s really wonderful.  I think I like the word surprise better.  Surprises are fun and exciting and while they may require a change of plans, they are marvelous.  I love surprises.

This Thanksgiving our family will be blessed with the best kind of surprise imaginable.  We will welcome a fourth child into our lives.  True, we don’t know where we will put it (our house is pretty small and full already).  And no, we do not know how we will pay for this child to go to college, and I definitely don’t know how I’m going to keep up with all the laundry.

But,  here is what we do know:

This child is already well loved.

This child will complete our family.

This child will bring more joy to us than we can ever have imagined.

And really, what else do we really need to know.  That’s good enough for me.



Of all the spring portraits I’ve been taking recently this is by far my favorite.  It represents everything to me about childhood.

It’s innocent, beautiful, soft, and …… fleeting.

Enjoy your day today!

XOXO  Kate

Amy & Stephen |Married!

It was the kind of spring morning that you dream of.  Sunny, with some puffy clouds sprinkled in and blooming flowers  everywhere you look.  The sea air made you feel full and alive.  The threats of huge thunderstorms seemed so ridiculous it was comical. After all, aren’t the weathermen wrong 90% of the time?  Maybe I’m remembering that statistic from my Seattle days.  Either way, rain wasn’t an option today.

This day had personality.  It had moods.  It made me think of marriages and how they can be.  Sunny one minute, dark and forbodeing the next. Then, just when you think the sun won’t shine again, out it comes in all it’s radiant glory.  Everything is clean and fresh and you have a greater appreciation for the light than you did before the storm.

Amy and Stephen were married on a beautiful, personality-filled  Saturday in May at the Wentworth by the Sea.  As Amy was getting ready a huge thunderstorm did appear from across the sea.  The sky turned black and rain poured from the heavens.  We watched from the windows of the Wentworth and wondered how it would all turn out.

By the time we arrived at the church, it had passed and radiant afternoon light filled the sky.

Amy and Stephen have to be one of the kindest, funniest couples I’ve met.  Their happiness is infectious. They were relaxed and enjoyed every minute of their day.  They will do so well together and weather any storms that pass through their marriage.  We were so happy to be a part of their wedding!

I love Amy’s shoes!

Time to get the dress on!

Mom grabbed this one of Stephen.  We were all keeping an eye on the storm.

A quick shot on the porch before we climbed aboard  the trolley.

And here we go!


I just love this shot!

To the sea!

Then it was off to the reception!

Congratulations you two!!  XOXOXOXO