February 2011 Archive

Snuggle Time | Kate Preftakes New Hampshire portrait photographer

This week I’ve been home with sick boys.  Luckily Atticus has managed to avoid the fever so far (knock on wood) but Asa and Finley have been out of school all week.  I am leaving for a photo convention in Las Vegas tomorrow and have a list a mile long of things  to do.  I’m talking, LOTS to do.  But, on Wednesday afternoon the house was quiet and Asa and Finley asked if they could snuggle up in our bed with me.  Now, these guys NEVER nap anymore and it’s a little eery to see them so mellow.   I said “sure” and we all nestled in  and took a nap together.  In Finn’s dreamy sleep he kept hugging me and squeezing my arm.  It was the best.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

So, now I’m packing up for Vegas and have a cold.  My chest hurts and my body is aching.  Thanks guys.

But, I’ll take it.  It was worth it to spend a quiet afternoon snuggling with my growing boys.  I mean, really, how many more days like this will I get?

Valentines | Kate Preftakes Photography

It’s a valentine’s weekend around here!  The boys started working on their cards last week during the snowstorm but we still have lots to make.  They are so cute making their special little drawings for select recipients.  I’ve been lucky enough to receive a few already.

So how about you?  Do you have your valentine cards ready yet?

Herbs, Spices and Natural Goodness | Harrisville, NH | Kate Preftakes Photography

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with my friend Melissa at her new company Attar, based in Harrisville, NH.  She and her husband bought this herb and spice wholesale business in October and are updating their catalog and website.  We had so much fun pulling out all the beautiful textures and colors of their inventory and creating these shots.  The smells were wonderful and I felt like I was in a foreign market somewhere!

Citrus goodness….yes please!  They have every kind of essential oil you can imagine.

If you do any kind of potpourri making or crafts, this is the place to go.

Boston Weekend | Kate Preftakes Photography

Sometimes you just need to get away.

Sometimes you just need some time to dine, walk and talk uninterrupted.

Sometimes you just need to unplug and forget about the daily details of your life.

This weekend Doug and I went to Boston–by ourselves.  It was my Christmas gift to him.  A hotel in downtown Boston and arrangements for the kids for the weekend (thanks Mom and Dad!!).  Here are a few pictures from a great café we found on Beacon Hill.

Our waiter took this picture of us.

Sigh.  Now back to life.

Winter Mini-Sessions | Kate Preftakes Photography

Happy Snow day everyone!  We are busy here sledding, making valentines and trying to keep busy.  I thought I’d share a few pictures from my winter mini session I did on Sunday in Peterborough.  It was a day filled with adorable children and I love all the pictures.  Here are a some favorites:

Love these brothers!!

I grabbed this at the very end as this guy was about to leave.  I just can’t resist a kid in a bear hat!

And this beautiful girl was SO active but we we were able to contain her with some chairs and bubbles long enough to get these.  SUCH a cutie!!

I seriously want to bring this guy home with me!  LOVE you little buddy!